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    Agatti Island is home to some of the most beautiful lagoons in Lakshadweep! Arriving at Agatti on an airplane is itself a breathtaking experience. The clear waters, the friendly people, the abundant seafood and the opportunity to watch turtles at close quarters is just wonderful.

    Bangaram Island

    Bangaram island is renowned for its large variety of coral reefs and colorful fishes. It is great for scuba diving to watch exotic and colorful undersea life. Bangaram is easy to reach by an hour-long boat ride from Agatti. You can also take a 10-minuter helicopter ride to the island.

    Kavaratti Island

    Kavaratti Island will take your breath away with its ethereal beauty. Dotted with coconut groves which add a special charm to the island, it is the most advanced region of Lakshadweep and a preferred choice for honeymoon couples and nature enthusiasts. There are lots for sightseeing too.

    Kadmat Island

    Kadmat island is surrounded on the eastern and western sides by spectacular lagoons, long sandy beaches. It’s an ideal tourist must-see destination. The encircling blue waters of the lagoon are colorful with rich coral habitats. Every moment of the day and night will be heavenly.

    Watersports in Lakshadweep

    The islands of Lakshadweep are surrounded by large lagoons of spectacular beauty. The blue waters encircling the islands offer a feast for the eyes of the visitors with its wealth of colorful coral reefs that are habitats for shoals of colorful fishes. One of the greatest joys of holidaying in Lakshadweep is the opportunity to go SCUBA diving. The joy of going underwater and being amongst coral reefs and surreal streams of richly colorful fishes surrounding you is something to behold and enjoy. You can go island hopping on boats and watch manta rays or even sharks in their natural habitats.

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